Surprise Assignment

As a typical college student sometimes life gets a bit busy. Between all the classes and work, not even considering practicing for sports, some things can get missed. For example homework assignments. In my case a reflective summary on a video that is about an hour and a half.

So after being in classes for several hours of the day, working for a couple of hours in between classes, and then having bowling practice for a couple hours at night just to return home around ten at night to realize you have an assignment is not always super exciting. But hey, that’s what college is all about right? Waiting until the absolute last second to do anything?

Surprisingly after doing this a couple thousand times you would think someone would learn, but no here I am. Another slightly less surprising fact, after doing this a couple thousand times you slowly figure out how to get by with the last-minute assignments.

Heres to a crazy busy schedule. One of the best parts it’s only the fourth week of the semester. That means it only gets better from here. So to any other college student out there in the same boat, don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. With that an hour long video awaits.



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