Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is a day for chocolates, flowers, and giant teddy bears. It’s a wonderful day that brings about a sense of love. The couples are being cute and lovey dovey while the single person gets to sit there and be reminded how great single life truly is.

The single person doesn’t have to waste money on flowers that will die, chocolates that will be eaten too fast, or a teddy bear that will end up in a donation pile. Instead they can enjoy a nice quiet evening at home not spending the big bucks on a dinner for two and get the half off chocolate tomorrow.

For those in relationships I get the roses are nice. I’m hoping not to kill mine by Thursday. Also the chocolates are pretty decent. And that expensive Valentine’s dinner was probably the best meal any college kid has had in a long time, especially if they typically eat at Cornerstone.

All in all Valentine’s day is alright, but in my opinion I’ll just wait for cheap chocolate day tomorrow.


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