CU Plague


Over the last week students have been dropping like flies here at Cornerstone. As a commuter I was hoping to avoid the flu bug that has been going around since I’m away from campus more often than most others. Lucky for me, my entire family got the same exact bug. So now here I am, coughing up a lung with a nose as red as Rudolph and hopped up on NyQuil.

As a sick college kid a list of health tips could be helpful so clicking the link will bring you to a nice article from the Huffington Post on seven of the best health tips especially for college kids that I can even think of. The only one I would add, call your mom, if she’s anything like mine you’ll feel better just from the phone call.

The best part about being a sick college student is that you still have everything else on top of trying to get better. Your classes and assignments are not going to be put on hold just because you can’t breathe without coughing. Work will still expect you to show up and smile at the customers. And practices can’t be cancelled for the one person who is sick. As a college student the amount of things on our plates is already heavy enough adding illness to that seems unrealistic. I’m here to say if I can handle is so can any of you.

If I’m lucky hopefully I’ll feel better within the next month. Until then I’ll try to continue showing up to class and barely passing assignments.



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