That One Class

The class that seems pointless to even show up because you don’t learn anything anyway. Or perhaps the class that seems like you have a new assignment due every day, a test every week, a paper every other week, and reading every night. Or even the class that you show up take notes, have a couple small assignments throughout the semester, and two tests. Whatever class comes to your head when one mentions that one class, is the one class that you wish wasn’t in your schedule.

As a college student we all have multiple classes, perhaps a job or maybe two, if you’re at a christian college like me you have required chapels to attend every week, along with the daily habits of eating, sleeping, and if you’re lucky maybe a spare minute to socialize with the few people you call friends.


Socializing is one of the biggest things I have struggled with since starting college. As a commuter this semester it got even harder because I couldn’t just walk into the lounge and find a million people waiting to interact. With all the homework and classes and work it has become extremely hard to find time for friends.

Five simple things that help me are

  1. Skype is your best friend.
  2. Get ahead.
  3. Leave space for fun.
  4. Plan ahead.
  5. Don’t forget to sleep.

Although these seem like duh things they really are some of the most important things to actually surviving in college while building up your friendships.

It’s hard enough to get two people available at the same time let alone three or four people. So planning ahead really comes in handy for that factor along with skypeing in one friend if they can’t actually be there. For me my two best friends and I have to usually go two or three weeks out in order to actually find a day and time that works for the three of us to get together.

IMG_2690 (1).jpg

College gets over whelming, so don’t let that one class get in the way of your friendships because trust me that class will be over with sooner or later, but your friends are gonna be around much much longer.






As college students spring break is one of the only things that keeps us going. Our main life line for the spring semester is that one week we get to escape the reality of college life. Some students get caught up on sleep. Others go on crazy vacations that seem way out of budget for an actual broke college kid. Still others are surrounded by piles of textbooks and study materials for all the exams the have upon returning to school. Whatever it is people do over spring break it’s still the one week of the semester that is all ours.

As someone that enjoys snowboarding and lives in Michigan it can be difficult to enjoy the small slopes nearby. So while other typical college students traveled to Mexico, Florida, or somewhere hot, my family decided Colorado was the place to go.


Destination of choice Granby Ranch. A very small ski resort in Granby, Colorado. There were only two lifts that went to the top of the mountain. Compared to some of the other places in Colorado Granby is fairly small. Although the mountain is small there are many different activities that are offered including golfing, hiking, fishing, and even a great wedding venue. It was a great little place for the family to spend some quality time together over break.

About 15-20 minutes away from Granby is a much nicer place Winter Park. There was a bunch of powdered snow making the snowboarding perfect. The mountain was so much bigger with many more trials. With many more lifts and a much higher elevation it made for a beautiful adventure for the day.


The week was full of snow covered mountains, a little too much family time, but a whole lot of fun. To the college kids that spend the week in the sun hopefully you enjoyed it. To the ones that spent it in bed hopefully you finished that season on Netflix. To the ones that studied the whole time hopefully you pass that stupid test. Next year we get to do it all over again. So until then… class.






Life of a Bowler


As the bowling season wraps up it only seemed fitting to connect that into my writing. The PBA is currently running live showings of the professional tournaments. The season has been going on since about January. The full schedule is available at the PBAs official website.

Danielle McEwan was the female winner of the most recent tournament that was located in Las Vegas this past weekend. McEwan is represented by the bowling brand Storm and she made them proud this past weekend. She is an amazing role model especially for myself being a female bowler.

McEwan won the tournament with a 203. Her component left a horrible split in the 10th frame costing the win. McEwan stated “I didn’t think that strike would be enough.” McEwan was bowling against one of her friends Liz Johnson. And as a bowler myself it is always more difficult to be going against one of your close friends; McEwan stated “It’s hard to watch that happen on the bench to someone who’s such a good friend and someone I look up to, but sometimes bowling works that way.” It really is difficult to watch someone who does do well leave such horrible splits. It almost doesn’t seem fair that you’ve won.

A short video of McEwan’s typical training routine is in the link. It is interesting to see how similar yet different her routine is compared to our normal practice at Cornerstone. Over all many of the things she does are all things that any average bowler would do. It is inspiring to see how similar yet incredible she is to myself as a bowler.

McEwan is a true role model for any bowler. She has done amazing work with her time in the PWBA, and will continue to compete to the best of her abilities.

As a college athlete it can be hard to think of the possibility of becoming professional one day, but McEwan makes me want to strive for that. It’s important to find the balance for it all otherwise it could all fall to pieces. So for now I’ll keep bowling and perhaps eventually people will be watching me on ESPN winning the World Tour Finals.