As college students spring break is one of the only things that keeps us going. Our main life line for the spring semester is that one week we get to escape the reality of college life. Some students get caught up on sleep. Others go on crazy vacations that seem way out of budget for an actual broke college kid. Still others are surrounded by piles of textbooks and study materials for all the exams the have upon returning to school. Whatever it is people do over spring break it’s still the one week of the semester that is all ours.

As someone that enjoys snowboarding and lives in Michigan it can be difficult to enjoy the small slopes nearby. So while other typical college students traveled to Mexico, Florida, or somewhere hot, my family decided Colorado was the place to go.


Destination of choice Granby Ranch. A very small ski resort in Granby, Colorado. There were only two lifts that went to the top of the mountain. Compared to some of the other places in Colorado Granby is fairly small. Although the mountain is small there are many different activities that are offered including golfing, hiking, fishing, and even a great wedding venue. It was a great little place for the family to spend some quality time together over break.

About 15-20 minutes away from Granby is a much nicer place Winter Park. There was a bunch of powdered snow making the snowboarding perfect. The mountain was so much bigger with many more trials. With many more lifts and a much higher elevation it made for a beautiful adventure for the day.


The week was full of snow covered mountains, a little too much family time, but a whole lot of fun. To the college kids that spend the week in the sun hopefully you enjoyed it. To the ones that spent it in bed hopefully you finished that season on Netflix. To the ones that studied the whole time hopefully you pass that stupid test. Next year we get to do it all over again. So until then… class.







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