Just your average college kid

As a college student there are few things you learn as you go through your semesters.

  1. Sleep isn’t entirely necessary some nights the homework out weighs the sleep
  2. Chaco’s become the shoe of choice too cold for sandals throw some socks on.
  3. Trader Joe’s cookie butter is a must try food item.

How these may seem completely random but, as college kids we all know that sleep is not something that comes easily. Either we get the amount of sleep we need and don’t finish that one homework assignment. Or we finish the homework assignment and don’t get enough sleep. Either way it’s kind of just a lose-lose situation. If we’re lucky once we’ve gotten through the several years of classes we’ll eventually get back to a somewhat healthy sleep schedule.

lkbk--7.jpgNow Chaco’s the sandal every college kid raves about. These strappy sandals are extremely comfortable and work well for every weather type. Snowing? Throw on some socks with Chaco’s and you’re good to go. Raining? Just throw on the Chaco’s, which are waterproof, and you’re good to go. Sunny? Perfect weather for Chaco’s! You can even go for a hike or something with them. #Chaconation

Trader Joe’s is an all natural food store. As a college student sometimes the healthy food doesn’t always sound the best, but Trader Joe’s is a must try! It can be a bit pricier because it is all natural, but it is completely worth it. The cookie butter is an unbelievable spread just like peanut butter except 100x better. The fruit either dried or whole is also amazing. And the frozen burritos? Basically to die for. Maybe you don’t believe me, but try it out and decide for yourself.


College is already stressful enough, so why not throw a little adventure in there. Try something new. Who knows maybe that one new thing will become your favorite thing. It’s worth a shot, at least for some fun if nothing else.


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